We Would like to present our World champions,
no other breeder can present

these outstanding wins.....

10 World Champions of our breeding
World Junior Champion: went 5 times to We-sedso
World Champions went 5 times to We-sedso
Vize World Champion 1 time

World Dog show in 2006 Poland, 66 Shibas entered, 15 champion Males

Multi Champion We-sedso zen kessaku wins the 10 th. Worldchampiontitle
for We-sedso !

Junior World Champion, BOB Junior We-sedso Ushiwaka maru

World Champion Family at We-sedso from Left: Multi Champion We-sedo Hime world Junior ch. 96,World ch. 98,
Multi Champion Mara-Shima Tyfoon World Ch. 96, Champion We-sedso Rippa Na World junior ch. 98

In Milano 2000 our female Multi Champion We-sedso Unique went Wold Champion
We-sedso Masamune Keiji World junior Champion 2002
a title for his brother aswell

We-sedso Ushiro no Junoko World Champion 2002 & We-sedso Masamune Keiji junior World Champion 2002

a year later 2003 Ushiro & Keijis Sister Champion We-sedso Echigoro Chelsea Girl is Vize World Champion
the red boy We-sedso Starfigther becomes Junior World champion in 2003