Kennel We-Sedso by Jytte Röschke born 10/17/45 in Denmark

About our family 


As a Child I always wanted to be with the animals, already at this time I was a true animal fancier. As I got my own apartment the first thing I did was to go out and buy a  Pekingese her name was  'Wimse'.

Later, in 1973, I saw an tri color Eng. Coker Spaniel and fell in love with this dog and I bought him, than I took him to the show ring, the fist time he got his Excellent, at this time we got to know a Danish judge Helge Larsen.

Ch. We-Sedso Golden Honey Drop

In 1974 we went to England to know more  about the English Cocker Spaniel. At a Show we saw the most beautiful Cocker in the  Group ring, we contacted the owner of this  beautiful Black Cocker ,she introduced us to our coming teather, the breeder of this dog Mr. Gilbert Wood he was the president  of the English spaniel club and is a Judge. We are still very thankful to know this honest man.

Mr. Gilbert Wood sold us the brother to the beautiful dog at the show. Ch. World Winner 1977 Rengil Rasmastaj, and we started showing him. Nobody in Denmark at that time thought We would become success that the reason for our Kennel name We-Sedso ( We-Said so).

my Daughter Helle ....

It was not possible at this time to buy a Kennel name in Denmark, to become a F.C.I Kennel-Name you would have to produce 2 dog's with winning a Excellent at a show, if you had more breeds (we had Pekingese & Cocker) this rule wore for both breeds.

In 1976 27th September the day had come where we received our official F.C.I Kennel registration. In 1977 a big success happened,- Mr. Wood came to Denmark to show our Cocker at the F.C.I World Show in Copenhagen, the result was just unbelievable, he went BOB, BIG and 2nd Best in Show . We had now learned to trimm and Handle him correctly, and nobody could stop his success, often we had to breeds winning best of Group at the same time.

We have had Best top ten dog several years e. g. WE-SEDSO BONNY or WE-SEDSO GOLDSTAR.

mit meinen Hunden in den Dünen von Dänemark

All off my 4 kids was allowed to own their favorite breed my son John had his American Cocker Spaniel, my Son Poul his Scottish Terrier, my daughter Helle had her Afghani. My Children has always learned to take care and understand the Dogs, it was always very important to me. Off course the wish for their own dog first came true at a mature age. My Kids were all very successful Junior Handlers. My son Martin wanted a very seldom breed at that time, it was the Shiba Inu a friend of mine had 4 Shibas, and Martin had to wait a long time to get his Shiba, in 1988 the good news came the first Shiba Inu to enter our house should carry the name 'Shiba' in the Pedigree Akanboo, his parents were from the well known Kennel Manlöten in Sweden.

Soon the Shiba had captured the hearts of the home he was always Happy and friendly and loved to play around. I was sure this was the dog of all times. The next Shiba Inu to enter our home came from Sweden the female Asahi So Kiku Me Go , from the successfull breeder-family Asahi.

Perhaps it was good luck das these to Shiba Inu matched so good and they only had top puppies the first Shiba (K) litter was born in 1991 the litter was breed by my daughter Helle, as she lived in Denmark with the dogs at this time, as she had finish her education she also could not resist the Bavarian charm and move with KIKU to Erding. Now the time was in to show Kiku at the European shows, and what a success !! 
Int.Ch., Lux.Jg.Ch., Lux.Ch., DCNH-Ch. and VDH-Ch. was no problem to her.

At this time the Shiba Inu had captured our heart completely we had one American Cocker left Ch. We-Sedso Golden honey Drop.

Now the time was in to concentrate our breeding on Shiba , my breeding experience helped me a hole lot, the Shiba´ s are not as easy to breed as the Cockers, But my talent to pick out a good puppy is quite easy for me. 
We have had a Dog Pension for many years in Denmark, and I have always love the work with dog's, I always liked to help sad dogs to win the trust in good people, with a hole lot of love from and for the dog's my life is fulfilled. My life without the dog's would be no life at all. 
The goal for my breeding was always a top temperament and a good health, first than the looks. I have reached my goal, these 3 combinations has already been proved many times.

Jytte Roeschke

We have breed the most Champions in Germany off course this makes my proud, Germany should also be very proud of the Shiba breeders, because we can travel out tin Europe and be seen.

To our club Shiba Club Germany it is also very important to breed healthy dogs, that's the reason that all dog's before breeding is allow has to be hips, Patella  and eye checked. The Breeder and the wellness of the dogs is also due to a control from the DCNH made.

I do not have to speak about my successes but I can tell you the my tears keep falling as my female We-Sedso Hime in 1998 won her FCI World Winner title and her daughter We-Sedso Rippa-Na won the FCI Junior World Winner title. 

I thought this success only comes one time in a live time, anyway that was not so, off course I'm very happy about this. As we decided to go to the World dog show in Italy Milano it was more to see the other dogs entered. Well my We-Sedso Unique was already in Europe very successful made it to the top so many Shibas entered! With her best female she won the F.C.I World Winner 2000 and ECNI Champion of the year title ,- oh and not to forget best German entered bitch.

We-Sedso Unique

Next day as the 4th European Japan Kennel Club Show was held Mr. Kamisato made her Best of Breed and 2nd Best in Show. Now I just mean: never say never again

The World winner titel`s  goes on and on....World Winner.

In person I think, that it is a shame that owners of this breed are working against each other trying to hurt each other just because of at show win ! We should never forget it is the Dog that count's and not the win's . It's my saying that if you are not able to see the good things on your competition and the fault on your own dog you will never get on in the breeding.

I have my opinion but nobody is forced the have the same. My Heart goes on for this breed, and I really hope for many many years to come with this wonderful breed